Staving Off The Inevitable Rot

TJMurphy_copper pot and zucchini
T.J. Murphy

Summer is one of the best months for food, because all my favorite vegetables are in season along with those magical fruits that only come ripe for six seconds on the second Tuesday in June (hi cherries!). Downside is, summer produce tends to have delicate skin and flesh, which leads to speedy rotting and wasted potential due to science.

I have no idea where I picked this up, probably some combination of Hints from Heloise, basic science, personal experience and dumb luck. I’ve tried green bags and veggie washes, but just washing with water and wrapping with towels works just as well. On one hand, it takes a little longer upfront, but on the other, makes your produce last for weeks. People I’ve told never seem to know about it, so here you go, world:

How To Make Summer Produce Last a Lot Longer In Your Fridge
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